Welcome to webapp2!

webapp2 is a lightweight Python web framework compatible with Google App Engine’s webapp.

webapp2 is a simple. it follows the simplicity of webapp, but improves it in some ways: it adds better URI routing and exception handling, a full featured response object and a more flexible dispatching mechanism.

webapp2 also offers the package webapp2_extras with several optional utilities: sessions, localization, internationalization, domain and subdomain routing, secure cookies and others.

webapp2 can also be used outside of Google App Engine, independently of the App Engine SDK.

For a complete description of how webapp2 improves webapp, see webapp2 features.


webapp2 is part of the Python 2.7 runtime since App Engine SDK 1.6.0. To include it in your app see Configuring Libraries.


Webapp2 is currently maintained by Google Cloud Platform Developer Relations. It is not an official Google product, but is hosted by Google to allow the webapp2 community to continue to maintain the project.

API Reference - webapp2_extras.appengine

Modules that use App Engine libraries and services are restricted to webapp2_extras.appengine.


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webapp2 is compatible with Python 2.5 and superior. No Python 3 yet.

WebOb is the only library required for the core functionality.

Modules from webapp2_extras may require additional libraries, as indicated in their docs.


webapp2 is a superset of webapp, created by the App Engine team.

Because webapp2 is intended to be compatible with webapp, the official webapp documentation is valid for webapp2 too. Parts of this documentation were ported from the App Engine documentation, written by the App Engine team and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

webapp2 has code ported from Werkzeug and Tipfy.

webapp2_extras has code ported from Werkzeug, Tipfy and Tornado Web Server.

The Sphinx theme mimics the App Engine documentation.


webapp2 is considered stable, feature complete and well tested, but if you think something is missing or is not working well, please describe it in our issue tracker:

Let us know if you found a bug or if something can be improved. New tutorials and webapp2_extras modules are also welcome, and tests or documentation are never too much.



webapp2 is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.