This module implements thread-local utilities.

class webapp2_extras.local.Local[source]

A container for thread-local objects.

Attributes are assigned or retrieved using the current thread.

class webapp2_extras.local.LocalProxy(local, name=None)[source]

Acts as a proxy for a local object.

Forwards all operations to a proxied object. The only operations not supported for forwarding are right handed operands and any kind of assignment.

Example usage:

from webapp2_extras import Local
l = Local()

# these are proxies
request = l('request')
user = l('user')

Whenever something is bound to l.user or l.request the proxy objects will forward all operations. If no object is bound a RuntimeError will be raised.

To create proxies to Local object, call the object as shown above. If you want to have a proxy to an object looked up by a function, you can pass a function to the LocalProxy constructor:

route_kwargs = LocalProxy(lambda: webapp2.get_request().route_kwargs)

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